IEEE Teacher In-Service Program Workshop A PID Controller for Lego robot line-follower

The main objective of a Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) workshop is to provide training for IEEE volunteers on how to provide in-service programs to local pre-university educators to attract and educate children with a passion for technology and the sciences, stimulating an early interest in the study of both by playing with concepts from diverse disciplines such as mathematics, physics, mechanics, electronics and computing. After the training volunteers will have the practical experience needed to train those lessons to local pre-university educators or directly organize the activity with pre-university students.

Robotics activities work as an organizer content which allow demonstrating the application of math, science, and technology. That involves multiple types of design: physical design of structures and mechanisms (building a creation using construction materials, motors, and gears) as well as computational design of behavior (writing a computer program to determine how a creation should move and respond). It introduces students to technological literacy as they develop the following work related competencies: project and time management, resource allocation, information accessing, systems understanding, teamwork, and problem solving.

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