Second Spain Workshop on Signal Processing, Communications and Information Theory

Location: Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Técnicas (CEIT), San Sebastián, Spain

Date: 2-3 July 2015

Distinguished Lecturer: Gerhard Kramer (TU München). He is a past President of the IEEE IT Society. He gave an enlightening talk on phase noise modeling and its effect on the capacity of communication channels.

Description Activity: The workshop is mainly aimed at Master’s and Ph.D. students, but attendance and participation was also be open to faculty and researchers interested in the topic of the seminar. The plenary talk by the Distinguished Lecturer took place in the morning of 3 July. In the afternoon, students presented their research work in a poster format, in order to facilitate discussions and exchange of ideas.

Benefit to the chapter: For the past few years, the 10 most important research institutions in Spain were participating in the COMONSENS project funded by the Spanish Government. The half-yearly project meetings stimulated the interchange between researchers within Spain. However, COMONSENS ended in summer 2013. In December 2014 we organised a similar workshop with Rüdiger Urbanke and Frans Willems as Distinguished Lecturers in order to conserve the momentum gained in the previous years by providing researchers from Spanish research institutions an opportunity to exchange ideas and network. We aim at transforming this event into a yearly event to strengthen the social cohesion within our chapter and motivate research collaborations.

Plans for Interaction: The seminar consists of the plenary talk by the Distinguished Lecturer and of poster presentations by Ph.D. students. This will facilitate discussions and the exchange of ideas among the participants and the Distinguished Lecturers. To encourage social interaction, we plan to further organize a banquet on 2 July and a lunch on 3 July.

Ensuring Vigorous Attendance: The COMONSENS project meetings and the 2014 Workshop were attended by about 25-30 people and we expect a similar participation for our 2015 Workshop. We have informed all Spanish IEEE members of this event, and we also have announced the event on the former COMONSENS mailing list. Finally, we will personally contact all major Spanish research institutions. A total of 25 participants attended the event.

Registration Fees: No registration fees will apply since the target attendees are Master’s and Ph.D. students. Participants will take care of their own traveling and accommodation expenses.