Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles: Requirements, Challenges and Opportunities. Keynote at ​2018 IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety

The market for electric vehicles (battery powered and plug-in hybrid) is expected to grow rapidly with advances in battery technology and the increased concern about urban mobility and the environment. Due to their high energy capacity and mass deployment, electrical vehicles (EVs) will have significant impact on the way we use energy in the future and, in particular, on the electrical power supply. Whilst EVs present challenges, they also provide opportunities, e.g. using the battery as a controlled load or storage to support the power grid and meet local energy demands. However, battery performance and its lifetime depend not only on its chemistry but also on external factors such as charging/discharging profiles. Therefore, such opportunities may be hindered by anxiety about their effects on battery lifetime.

This talk will give an overview of EV charging requirements and recent development that present challenges and opportunities to EV users, manufacturers and power grid control. It will present smart control of EV battery and its role in meeting EV user requirements, extending battery lifetime, supporting the power grid and the environment, and ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership of the vehicle.